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Preparation Course

It is important to prepare, this is something we specialise in and will ensure you achieve the scores you need.

Writing Correction

We understand OET letter writing and will provide you with detailed feedback within 48 hours.

Speaking Assessment

Not sure of your grade? Reserve a lesson with our OET instructors and you will be given the advice you need!

Live Lessons

OET Alexandria provides a well thought out curriculum for OET in a classroom or online environment.

Writing Lessons

Guiding you through the process of OET letter writing lessons focusing on style, grammar and techniques.

Speaking Lessons

Regular Speaking lessons with our OET instructors, providing you with the hints and tips.

How We Work?

Dedicated to the commitment to your success!


Free Evaluation

Contact us today! After contacting us we will send you an English evaluation test to be completed online.


The Agreement

Upon completion of the test, our OET instructors will kinow your level and what procedure you should follow.


Research & Preparation

Following a strictly controlled curriculum, based on your level and our experience. Our English teachers will guide you to success.


Exam Success!

Providing you follow the guidelines set by the centre and teacher, as well as the advice provided, then you will be ready!
Helping you with OET Letter writing
Having problems with your OET letter writing? We know writing is not the easiest part of any exam. Our instructors are ready to correct your writing!
Your letter will be corrected for many things including grammar. Within 48 hours we will provide you with details of your mistakes, weaknesses, personalised tips on how to improve your next letter as well as a grade score. Buy a letter correction today!

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